Nude Guys Club is a group based in Adelaide for guys who enjoy being naked together. Social events throughout the year. If you like being nude and have no where to be naked, this group is for you!

The group is open to gay, bisexual, and gay-friendly men from all walks of life, any shape or size and from all ethnic backgrounds over 18 years of age.

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Secret Facebook Group - Nude Guys Club (NGC SA)

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Starkers Night

Adelaide’s Men only underwear night returns to Oz!

Gather your mates, put on your best jocks and head to The Emerald Bar @ Oz Nightclub for everyone’s favourite nude night out!

The Bar will be stocked and ready to go from 9pm and all night we’ll be playing R&B, 90’s and 00’s tracks for you to shake your butt on the dance floor.

Doors open at 9pm and it’s underwear optional until 11pm – then off they come! Full nudity only after 11pm and anyone caught with their jocks still on will have to leave!

This is the perfect night for new guys to come see what NGC is all about so don’t be shy – come say hi ๐Ÿ˜‰

$10 entry at the door, footwear required, bring a towel to sit on.

Any questions? Email the team at


  • A towel must be brought with you to sit on for hygiene reasons.
  • Photography is permitted but ONLY with the approval of ALL those in the picture.
  • A bag and a ticket will be handed out upon entry, which you can store clothing and valuables in, keep hold of your ticket for the end of the night to collect your items.
  • As you wonโ€™t have any pockets, a lanyard and pouch will be available for $2.00 in which you can carry your cards and cash.
  • As always, respect others as individuals and how they choose to express their sexuality.
  • While some people may think nudity is normally associated with sex, we are firstly a nude social group. Any sexual activity is to be confined to the separated area.
  • Hugs and friendly touching are ok, and erections are considered natural and should not be a cause of concern to anyone. Members MUST respect the decisions of others if they want to be touched or not. If someone says no, it means no, donโ€™t pursue it.

Anyone breaching these guidelines may be asked to leave the venue.

Nude Night – August 5th

We’re back in The Emerald Bar for more of our nude night fun!

Our NGC nights are getting bigger and better, so join us and lose your clothes and experience how much fun socializing butt naked can be.

The guys at NGC nights are friendly, non judgmental men of all ages, shapes and sizes, so don’t be shy – get comfortable in your own skin, bring your friends and party the night away.

This time around we’re having Happy Hour from 9pm to 10pm with $5.00 beer, cider and base spirits – perfect for guys needing a bit of liquid courage and for getting the party started ๐Ÿ˜‰

As always, this is a men only and nude only event, bring your towel for sitting on and footwear is required.

See you all there!

2nd Birthday Bash

We’re turning 2!!

We’d like to invite you all to join us celebrating our 2nd Birthday in a night of drinks, nudity and dancing.

Get nude with the guys at NGC and find there’s nothing to be nervous about getting your gear off and hanging out with other guys in a friendly environment.

Come and chat with us about our plans going forward and hear some details of our upcoming summer nude camp!

Bring along a party hat and streamers and grab a bit of cake and celebrate with us in the best way to party – NUDE!

See you there!

First Night at Oz Nightclub!

NGC’s new home is open and it’s time to PARTY!

Oz Nightclub is now up and running and we’re excited with whats coming up!

Get in and check out the new and updated Emerald Room where we’ll be nuding up and enjoying a few drinks as well as all the usual NGC antics.

We’ve got a new hot, ripped bar man for you too, with muscles in all the right places ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you haven’t been to NGC before and experienced socializing in the nude – now is the time to get in and get naked!

See you all there!

Nude Drinks Night

We’re back at Venue 63 for another fun night of drinks and nude banter!

Get your mates together, and get naked with us for a few drinks – you can even grab a bite to eat from the bar as well.

We’ve got the spacious chill room open again this time where you can relax on a lounge and chat away with the other nude guys.. swap stories and maybe numbers!

The heaters will be on so don’t worry about any shriveling appendages, get out the house on a Thursday night and join us.

Entry is only $10.00, footwear is required and bring a towel to sit on.

See you all there!

Nude Dinner

Venue63 has kindly opened their doors to us while our new home is closed for renovations, and we’re having our first restaurant style dinner!

This will also be our first time in another venue, however nothing will change – all the same nude mischief will be sure to follow.

Bring your friends, make your way to Venue63 from 6pm on Thursday, get rid of your clothes, grab a few drinks and choose a meal.

Entry will be $25.00 which also includes your choice of a mains dish from the Diva’s Menu* which has a huge range of meals to choose from including curry, pasta, burgers and schnitzels.

This will be a fun night out so we hope to see you there!

For a copy of the menu, or for more details, please email
*Starters and any other selections from the menu are at additional costs.

Starkers Night

Starkers is back for another men only fun night!

It’s time for you to dig out your best jockstrap, g-string or tighty whiteys and prepare for the awesomeness that is STARKERS!

This is the NGC event all the guys love – especially those newbies keen to get in and see what socializing in the nude is all about.

If you haven’t been to one of these nights before, we see it as our ‘intro to nudity night’ – so don’t be nervous, bring a friend and enjoy a few drinks with the guys!!

The night starts off at 9pm, entry is $10 at the door, underwear or full nudity is allowed until 11pm, then after 11pm…only nudity is allowed!! All those who are still too shy to loose their underwear will then need to leave!

If you have any questions, contact the team at

See you all there!

Nude Night – April 15th

The place in Adelaide where the guys go to nude up and have a few drinks!
Come in and have a few drinks and chat with the guys, meet some new friends and have an awesome experience socializing in the buff.

All different types of guys come to the NGC Nude Nights – all ages, sizes, backgrounds – gay, bisexual and gay friendly men are all welcome to join us and see what we get up to!

If you’re nervous about shedding your clothes, don’t be! Everyone says after 5 minutes being with all the other guys nude – you forget you’ve even let everything loose and its all hanging out!

Get in and check it out! See you there!

Nude & Leather Night

Our last Nude and Leather Night was HUGE!!!

So we’re bringing it back for another massive night when we team up with the guys from Adelaide Leathermen.

We want to see you wear your leather, rubber or like a lot of us, just go completely nude!

The whole night will be ‘nude optional’ so if you’re a bit shy to lose all your clothes, its a perfect time to strip down to your underwear and see what we get up to at NGC.

Get your tickets online for $15 (plus booking fee) and you’ll go into the draw for a chance to win a 2 hour drinks package on the night. Otherwise, tickets are available at the door for $20


Starkers – Wrestling Edition

NGC Starkers night is back – everyone’s favourite men only underwear and nude night!

This time around its our first ever WRESTLING EDITION.

Until 11pm, wear your wrestling gear, underwear or you can go completely nude from the start!

If you haven’t been to an NGC Nude event before, bring your mates and see there’s no reason to be shy or nervous about getting nude.

On a Starkers night, the doors open at 9pm and you can wear underwear or go completely nude until 11pm, then after 11pm… only full nudity is allowed!! Anyone still too shy (or not drunk enough) will be asked to leave!!

Recently we’ve also introduced a new play area where you can get to know guys a little better, so get in and check it out!

Entry is $10 at the door, footwear required, bring a towel.

Pool Party & BBQ

Its time for a nude BBQ – with a splash!

We’re having our first Summer BBQ (finally) so you’re invited to strip down to nothing and enjoy a sausage or 2.

The pool is making a come back so bring a few friends along, have a drink or 10 and relax, make some new nude friends at the same time!

Doors open at 2.00pm and entry is $15 which includes food.

Access to the Beer Garden will be down the driveway to the side of The Mars Bar (look for the signs near dessert shop)

As always, this is a men only and nude only event, you need to bring a towel for sitting on (and drying off) and footwear is required.

See you there!

Christmas Party

It’s that time of year again where we all get together and put on our Santa hats, reindeer ears and anything else we can wear while still being nude!

Bring a friend or 2 to join us from 9pm as we’ll be nude and celebrating with a few drinks and chatting about the year that’s been, and discussing plans we have for the year ahead.

This is our last event for the year, so come in and catch up with the guys and meet some great new friends!

Entry is $10 at the door. This is a men only and nude only event. Bring a towel for sitting on and footwear is required.

See you all there!

Nude UV Paint Party

After many requests, we’ve brought it back!

One of the biggest and best nude events we bring to the nude guys of Adelaide is the UV Paint Party – where you strip off, paint yourself and everyone else around you!

Our Nude DJ will be cranking some awesome tunes as he always does, and with our hot bar guys serving up drink specials galore – we are in for one hell of a BIG night!

We’ll be supplying a heap of neon paint for you to get crazy – so paint yourself, paint your friends, paint a stranger!

This is a men only and nude only event, a towel is a MUST and footwear is required.

Nude Glow Stick Party

We’re going glow stick crazy for our August Nude Night!

It’s time to nude up again with NGC and this time it’s all about the glow sticks!

Bring along your best glow stick accessories – necklaces, headbands and the always popular glasses are a few ideas we’ve seen.

On the night we’ll have some glow stick bracelets for you, but we want to see you get creative and breakout anything to do with glow sticks.

We’ve also got an awesome deal to bring in some of your friends who might of been wanting to come along, but haven’t taken that first scary step.

Entry price for this one is $15 each, but if you bring a ‘Nude Newbie’ who hasn’t been to NGC before, we’ll let you both in for $10 each.

Drink packages and Nude DJ to party the night away, so bring your friends and experience a night clubbing in the nude!!

This is a men only and nude only event, you will need to bring a towel and footwear is required.